"Get Lucky" is Loverboy's best album. When I was in middle school in the early to mid 1980s, this was my favorite album. I had it on cassette, and I played it so much that I wore it out. Everyobdy knows the song "Working for the Weekend." It's a truly great song. But it isn't necessarily the best song on here. Actually, there's so much diversity on this CD, it's somewhat hard to say what the best song really is. "Take Me to the Top" gets big credit for experimenting with non-conventional song structure. That keyboard riff is so awesome! And then combine it with all the other great instruments, and Mike Reno's perfect singing, and you have a true classic."Jump" is also excellent. I don't remember ever hearing this one on the radio. That's too bad, because it could have made an excellent single. It's got a great guitar riff, great lyrics, great drumming, and a certain urgency and seriousness that give it strength and power. "Gangs in the Street" is a good social commentary. How nice to hear a song about this subject that doesn't contain any vulgar language. "Lucky Ones" is a song about how some people have better luck than others. Again, Loverboy does a good job at making social commentary. Yes, it does idneed seem as if there are some people in the world who have everything handed to them, without ever having to put any effort into it at all. Now that I think about it, every song on this CD is excellent. There is no filler here at all.