I was lucky enough to pick up a first edition of Ernest Shackleton’s “Heart of the Antarctic” a number of years ago, before the recent huge rise in interest in the explorer pushed the prices of his books so high. It’s an account of his failed 1907-1909 British Antarctic Expedition to the South Pole during which he was forced to turn back less than 100 miles from his goal.

Interestingly, folded inside the pages of the book, I found a section of an article torn out of The Daily Telegraph from March 25, 1916 discussing how no news had been heard from the now more famous, 1914–1916 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

It was this expedition that gave Shackleton the fame he has today, and which is chronicled most heroically in the book Endurance by Alfred Lansing.

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shackleton is the world first man who reached the south pole in 1915.

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shackleton is the world first man who reached the south pole in 1915.

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Now I’m Here in Sept 22 2007

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Shackleton is an example of great person who had to decide to turn back in order to save lives. I had a pleasure of visiting an interesting exhibition of his group’s expedition in Seville. It was a great homage to their work. - Some great people become known heroes - Some people are first forgotten and later gain the value they have earned.

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The geographic South Pole (90 degrees South) has long been a prized goal of Antarctic explorers. The first to reach it were four Norweigians led by Roald Amundsen in 1911. About a month later, in January 1912, the British explorer Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole with four companions. Scott and his party perished from exposure and hunger on their attempted return on foot to the McMurdo Sound region.

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