All Roads Lead to "Philosophy" on Wikipedia


Examine the assertion that continuously following the first link of any Wikipedia article eventually leads to the one for "Philosophy".

Game of Life in HTML 4


Run Conway's Game of Life in a browser.

Some one recently created a GoL using HTML 5's <canvas> element, but I was sure it could be done in HTML 4 based on previous maze generator work.

Twitter Statistics


Produce charts showing a Twitter user’s tweet statistics.

Data is gathered and generated using Yahoo Pipes and the Google Chart API.

Maze Generator


Generate and solve mazes from the simple to the ridiculously complex.

The mazes are rendered at the client and print out very cleanly.

Compact Amazon Wish Lists

Sample List

Create very compact and simplified views of public Amazon wish lists.

The views are bookmarkable and stay in synch with the referenced wish list. They can be printed out and kept as an offline reference.

Cellular Automaton


Generate a one-dimensional cellular automaton. There is a Java-based server-side version and JavaScript-based client-side version.

This is more an exercise in the toying with browser capabilities disguised as an art project than anything of specific use.



I spent a good month off and on “decyphering” a couple of old family wills.

To get a sense of how difficult this was for a first–timer, the top two words in the image to the left are “church yard”.